Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pastor Todd Bentley Begs God for His Liquid Love

Todd Bentley rocks his trademark black t-shirt and chain while God's "liquid love" heals an "inoperatable brain cancer."

If you want to know more about this video, read past the jump. If you're just hear for fun, move along. This'll seriously ruin your day.

The person who posted this video reports in the comments that Val, the lady being "healed" of terminal cancer near the end of the video, died. I don't know how much time elapsed between the events of this video and her death, but it clearly wasn't very long. The original poster, after reporting Val's death, adds

This does not mean that she did not recieve healing though. Healing comes in many ways, hers was going to heaven...having a new body. What's a better healing than being with God? lol.

That's fine, except that Todd Bentley explicitly says that tumors are being healed during this service. If Val's healing was to go to heaven, why was he so specific about what was being healed? And wasn't she already a Christian before getting on stage? Don't Christians automatically get to go to heaven? And if they best healing is to go to heaven, why isn't that everybody's healing? Why aren't people getting up on stage and being sent immediately to heaven? Also, this is not fine at all.

This is the standard operating procedure of the faith healer: create an exciting environment and make a bunch of promises to desperate people, get people's adrenaline pumping so they feel better, and accept their testimonies as signs of miracles. Then have people give you money. When the miracles don't pan out, you're long gone, people are too embarrassed or deluded to complain anyway, and when they do complain, you can chalk it up to "God's will" and say ridiculous stuff about God being mysterious.

Well, if God is anything, he's mysterious. Todd Bentley, however, is about as mysterious as a toothpick. He's also today's Preacher Wearing a T-Shirt.

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